Larry Elder May Be the Change That California Needs … Running For Governor

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Elder indicated some of the following reasons why he decided to run: The way in which the pandemic was handled, dinning with the lobbyists and medical professionals who created the pandemic mandates, children losing a year of school, the deterioration of K-12 learning in public schools, the rising rate and mismanaged homeless population, the disturbing rise in crime throughout California, and the outrageous cost of living including home prices.

Elder says, “The average price of a home in California is 150% more than the national average, and a home in California cost 50% more than it otherwise would for excessive environmental regulations.” Furthermore, “For the first time in our state’s history we have a net migration out of California. The people leaving are not billionaires, they are middle and working class people, earning between 50K and 100K. The number one reason cited for leaving?  The high cost of housing.”


As California faces an enormous amount of issues it is time for all to step up, get informed, and vote for change. To help, go to




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