Universal Orlando Building “Epic” New Theme Park

Super Nintendo World, opening at Universal Epic Universe. Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort.
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Map of Universal Epic Universe opening in 2025. Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort

Get ready all of you Universal Studios fans, there’s a new theme park coming to Universal Orlando Resort and it promises to be epic. Currently under construction with plans to open in 2025, Universal Epic Universe will be added to the current Islands of Adventure and Universal Studious Orlando. This all-new theme park will include five new worlds, new rides, a new hotel, new restaurants, and more!

Universal Epic Universe will be the third Universal theme park in the US and feature The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Nintendo, How to Train Your Dragon, Super Mario Brothers, and other exciting Universal Monsters franchises.

The new theme park will offer an entirely new level of experience by putting guests into five fully-themed worlds. Having just spent time at Universal Studios with my two 10-year old grandsons, I was really excited to hear about this new theme park.

The best way to describe Universal is where the movies you love come to life. Heralding the success of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter which opened in 2014, guests will continue to enjoy innovative new experiences that take them beyond the movies.

Best Experiences at Universal Studios for Tweens

Universal Studios offers 32 rides in the two parks, offering world-class attractions from thrilling coasters to 3/4D rides. The best part of having the boys with us was sharing our favorites with them. Here are a few of the experiences the boys thought were awesome!

“Despicable Me Minion Mayhem” at Universal Orlando Resort. Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort

“Despicable Me Minion Mayhem” features the adventures of Gru and his three little girls; Margo, Edith, and Agnes. Can Dr. Nefario and his Minion Gun turn Universal riders into Minions? Join the adventure and find out! The boys loved the story and can’t wait to see the new movie coming out soon, Despicable Me 4. Laden down with “Stuart and Kevin” plush dolls, it was a rousing success.

One of my favorite rides is the Jimmy Fallon “Race through New York” as we try to beat him in a virtual race. High speed, lots of crashes and a whole lot of fun ensue. Plus it’s always interesting to see clips of Jimmy’s many celebrity guests as we waited in line.

Jimmy Fallon “Race through New York”. Photo by Mira Temkin

The “Bourne Stuntacular” opened a few years ago, but it continues to amaze me with this high-octane performance. A cutting-edge stunt show blends live-action, special effects, and virtual reality on a huge screen. Special effects like feeling the heat from fire scenes or getting sprayed with water adds to “being in the moment.” Don’t miss it.

As we wove our way through the streets, we stopped to listen to The Blues Brothers on Delancey Street, making great Chicago-style music. The boys danced with Elwood and Jake and a cast of other singers. Great fun!

The Blues Brothers rock the house. Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort

Although they hadn’t seen E.T., they were captivated by the bicycles over the moon, especially when E.T. said goodbye to them personally, The E.T. Adventure remains Universal Resort’s oldest ride.  

The boys headed to the Simpson’s Ride in Springfield to see their favorite Homer, Bart, and Marge come to life and their favorite DO-NUT shop.

Everyone’s favorite DO NUT shop in Springfield. Photo by Mira Temkin

Big fans of superheroes, The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man was right up their alley, another heart-pumping 3D Adventure.

The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man is a high-energy ride with a huge drop. Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort

No matter where we went in the parks, there were throngs of people dressed in long capes and Harry Potter garb. The boys couldn’t wait to follow the crowd to the Hogwarts Express for Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure through the Forbidden Forest.

Exciting Hagrids Hogwarts Ride. Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort

Universal City Walk at Universal Orlando  – The Epicenter of Awesome

There are always new restaurants, new venues, and exciting new experiences awaiting you at Universal City Walk.

New Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen

This new full-service restaurant is an eclectic combination of eatery, bar and confectionary with out-of-this-world creations. You can expect traditional favorites like burgers and steaks, but try their all-day brunch, crepes and quiches. It’s all housed in unique smokestacks with unusual gadgets to check out.

Share your adventures with the next generation at Universal Studios. We can’t wait to go back!


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