The Artists of World Star PR Are in Love with Love….Happy Valentines Day From All of Us

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Love comes in many forms… “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep, because reality is finally better than your dreams”… Dr. Seuss

At least once in your life you find someone who completely turns your world around. Colors seem more vibrant, laughter becomes an everyday occurrence, simple things create memories like a thunderstorm or a pale blue sky, and things that never seemed interesting suddenly fascinate you. You find strength and goodness because you now have a true friend, and life becomes worthwhile and exciting…..Love is a constant whereby we endure all winters and storms…it is the climate where all things can thrive. Love can’t always save us, but it can be the reason we fight. There will always be a place where love finds a voice even in silence….

In honor of love and Valentine’s Day World Star PR is proud to awaken the memories and emphasize the emotions that our friends have created….

JOHN “ SOHOJOHNNY” PASQUALE- Sauve, caring, and with a certain swagger SohoJohnny presents the ultimate in love with his release of the cover “Precious and Few” originally recorded by the band Climax, and launched on the Tribeca record label. Aside from music, SohoJohnny focuses upon philanthropy with his foundation “Let Me Help, Inc”, entrepreneurism with his real estate company Pep Real Estate, acting and producing “The Possession of Anne”…. But mostly he loves people.

IRENE MICHAELS- Josie award winning, Grammy nominated and Get Out Magazine honoree Irene Michaels recently released “What the World Needs Now is Love” originally made famous by Jackie De Shannon and written by Hal David and Burt Bacharach. Irene is an actress (General Hospital, Home Alone 2, Killer Klowns from Outer Space), a model, an author and a prize equestrian. But mostly Irene loves rain..(“I Like Rain” recorded on TRAX Records)

DRMAGDN- This cyborg drummer and international DJ recently released the iconic love song by The Beatles “Something” which has received more than 8 million views and likes on socials. He has performed at Lollapalooza, Met Life Stadium, MTV,  The View, The Today Show, Profiles With Mickey Burns, the Royal Albert Hall in London and many other places. But mostly he loves the music…all kinds..

THE AMERICAN RELICS- This nostalgic influenced band loves the music of days past. The band includes Frontman John Gitano, Adrienne Dugger, Patti Jarman, Nelso Montana, Josh Salant and Neal Lazar. Their songs focus on love in the 60’s and 70’s, the simpler times with their releases “The Eyes of 1969” and “We’ve Got to Start it All Again” about love that’s gone astray and recorded on Tribeca Records…But mostly they love classic rock..

HARVEY BROWNSTONE- Harvey Brownstone is a retired Judge of the Ontario court system of Justice turned TV host. He was the first openly gay judge and is also a best-selling author. As a host he’s had guests including Marie Osmond, Barbara Stanwyck, Randy Edelman, Air Supply, Colin James, and many other notable guests. He is a sensitive and kind-hearted man who loves…you guessed it…Justice for all….

ROCKY KRAMER- One of the best guitarists on the planet, this multi-instrumentalist hosts “Rock n’ Roll Tuesdays with Rocky Kramer. Rocky loves the music from the 80’s although he is a child of the 90’s. Born in Norway he was a child musical prodigy on the violin and has been playing and writing music his entire life. Rocky Kramer is a true Rock Star….But Mostly he loves the 80’s.

LUKE HARRISON- Nineteen year old Australian singer/actor/ songwriter has recently released “Make Me Better”, a romantic love song about finding someone who can change your life which has already charted on Billboard at number 26 on the charts. Luke was chosen in 2018 to sing at the Commonwealth Games, and many other huge Australian events. He has been in musical theater starring in Mary Poppins, Oliver, The Sound of Music and many others and he loves musical theater…. 

Wendy Stuart- Wendy Stuart is talented in an array of avenues, including tv host, actress, author, model, LGBTQ Activist, filmmaker and is an all around amazing woman. Her talk shows “If These Walls Could Talk” hosted with Tym Moss and “TriVersity Talk” are interesting, fun, successful and give great information for the entertainment and LGBTQ communities. Wendy loves giving back to the world, and she is phenomenal at doing so……

BAKER GRACE- Baker Grace is an intense and incredibly confident singer/songwriter picking topics to write about that stretch the boundaries of love. Her newest song “Painkiller” is the story of someone who is chasing highs, and missing out on the beauty of the present moment, and a reminder for her that happiness comes from within. Her song “American Dream Girl” became a an empowering anthem ….but she loves living in her own identity and helping others to do the same….

SIMONETTA LEIN- Supermodel and TV talk show creator Simonetta Lein hosts a successful television interview show but she is also a powerful influencer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Her foundation The WishWall Foundation has helped dreams come true. Simonetta loves people and beauty but mostly she loves empowerment that inspires others…

MICKEY BURNS- Profiles with Mickey Burns is a 21 year and running talk show based in New York City. Guests that have appeared on the show through the years include: Dick Cavett, Smokey Robinson, Fred Schneider, Mary Wells, Christopher Plummer, Robert Wagner, Joan Rivers, Joan Collins, Adam Ant and the list is endless. Mickey is all about helping others through his support and kindness and mostly he loves giving his guests the best interview possible…..

NO MANSFIELD/ REVOLUSHN- Frontman of the San Francisco’s protest rock band, No Mansfield is a multi-instrumentalist (18 instruments) and has been a studio musician for Aretha Franklin, Berlin, Devo, No Doubt, etc. Revolushn stands for the underdog, the outsiders, and for free thought. No is also a scientist who built the habitat for Mars in the Antarctic… mostly he loves Justice, frog venom and helping others succeed.

THE KEVIN NORTH BAND- British born rocker Kevin North was around for the Punk music explosion which influenced his music greatly. Somehow and sometime later he found himself in San Francisco, but continued playing his very cool energetic guitar accompanied by his vocals. One of his latest releases is an Adam Ant cover “Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face).” Kevin loves and advocates for the San Francisco music scene…

WEST AVENUE BAND- “Only One” is loud, proud, and full of energy. Members of this Midwestern band include founder Quinn O’Meara on vocals and drums, co-founder Rhiannon on bass, and Tristan P. On guitar. The trio is “blazing a trail through snowbound Wisconsin at full speed with no brakes.” Primarily a live band however an album is on the way. And this band loves rock n roll…..

LELAND SKLAR- The most prolific and important bassist on the planet, Leland Sklar has shared the stage, played with or played for nearly every musician that ever existed including Toto, Carole King, Phil Collins, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Lyle Lovett, Ringo Starr, Randy Edelman, Dolly Parton, and the lists is infinite. Currently with The Immediate Family, Leland is also a multi-instrumentalist and an artist but mostly he loves the middle finger…..

KENNY ARONOFF- Considered one of the best drummers in the world Kenny made his career playing with John Mellencamp for 17 years. He has also played with Smashing Pumpkins, Paul McCartney, Sammy Hagar, Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen and endless others. He is an author and a podcast host and influential public speaker but mostly he loves Sex, Drums and Rock n Roll…..

HOWARD BLOOM- Howard Bloom is a scientist who loves humanity and is constantly striving to save it. Historically he was also the biggest press agent on the planet representing over 300 icons including: Billy Joel, Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, Prince, Joan Jett, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Bette Midler, Cyndi Lauper, Run DMC and a barrage of others. He is also a best selling author,  mostly he loves the God within yourself….

RANDY EDELMAN- Composer Randy Edelman credited for creating the music to over 100 films and television shows (My Cousin Vinny, Last of the Mohicans, MacGyver), but at heart he is a hopeless and sensitive romantic. Having written some of the most beautiful love ballads (Weekend in New England, You, Isn’t it a Shame, uptown, Uptempo Woman), his latest single “Everything is Possible” via Tribeca Records shows his love for the resilience and spirit of the human condition. But mostly he loves the romance of music….

SCREAMIN’ RACHAEL-  Rachael Cain is an iconic House Music artist who also happens to be the President of the iconic Chicago record label TRAX. She has been in numerous documentaries as a club kid back in New York City and has also appeared in various underground films. She was dubbed “The Queen of House Music” by Billboard Magazine and has recently released a new single entitled “Rising”…but she loves to sing…and to scream….

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