Composer Randy Edelman “A Dazzling Echo of Something Beautiful 2023”

Composer Randy Edelman
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There is no point in using the word “impossible” to describe something that has already happened….but, someone needs to tell the story…. when dragons eat their foes for breakfast or when pirates find their treasure ….someone needs to write the narrative. The magic is in each listener, the magic is in the music….for every ear, the music of Composer Randy Edelman will be different and affect them in ways that no one can ever predict…from the powerful, to the emotional, to the profound. His lyrics tell a tale that takes up residence in someone’s soul, and becomes their self and their purpose. This is Randy’s gift. His music and his words will move them and drive them and who knows what they might do because of it.

One might wonder why shadowing the achievements of a man for a single year who is an actual virtuoso and the most accomplished musician on the planet with an overflowing deluge of tremendously successful careers.…. make any sense? The simple gift of memory….while we are products of the past, we aren’t prisoners of it…

“The most beautiful things are not associated with money, they are memories and moments. If you don’t celebrate those, they can pass you by”…..Alek Wek. 

It has been a busy year for Randy Edelman filled with performances, awards, special guests, radio play, songs for humanity, film scores always, Washington creative caucus discussions, BBC radio….and more.

2023 began with Randy’s continued residency at Chelsea Table & Stage in New York City. A myriad of seasons come to pass with each performance. The wintry cold with its snowflakes like that of illuminated stars tingling upon your skin, bringing the music of the aura, giving way to the Spring, alive beneath the cherry blossoms. Summer with its powdered gold and silky moonlight on your face and finally autumn, a world covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and pumpkin spice. He’s covered all of the seasons in the most exciting city in the world. There is honor, romance, enchantment and ecstasy onstage while the maestro ultimately shares the humor, and the emotional magnificence of his career’s journey thus far, punctuated with his story that you can hear hiding in his voice, and his music innocent and vulnerable and romantic. There are hopes, there are plans, there are dreams and there is reality. And above all the other things we cherish, there is truth…and the composer’s performances are more beautiful than that…there is no one that can open someone’s heart as does Randy…as he lavishes the kind of joy and talent that takes your breath away.

His Saint Patrick’s Day Massacre performed as the world was adorned in Green and amongst the leprechauns and the rainbows end while whispering all wishes to the wind and debuting “It’s Not Easy Being Green” originally made famous by Kermit the Frog. He approaches many of his songs as would a great musical actor with many characters in his voice, and always up for the passion of a musical challenge.  

Then he was off to London to debut at “The Crazy Coqs” an intimate, art deco fascination with the vibe of Le Chat Noir (the first modern cabaret opened in France in 1881),  or the famous Moulin Rouge founded in France in 1889  by Joseph Oller and Charles Ziegler and known for its revolutionary, racy and exciting acts. Because of these club’s success the art form spread throughout the world, and took on a life of its own, constantly being reinvented with each culture it encountered. “The Crazy Coqs” with it’s opulent architecture and extravagant interior design welcomed Randy with a sold out show, rave reviews, and an invitation to return end of year…

One of his most outstanding and exuberant showcases took place on September 22, 2023 at Chelsea where the audience was swinging from the rafters, and the sold out space, was swollen with icons and rockers from every species of music, inclusive of one of the most prominent music legends on Earth. Clive Davis celebrated Empresario entered the venue with his cool entourage, looking debonair, wearing stylish verdigris attire, and then carefully chose his seat, slight right of the piano. A man powerful enough to create his own myth, he watched and listened as the award-winning symphonist took command of the stage and captured the mesmerized audience from the moment he sat down at the piano, and began to play. The crowded room was noticeably, touched and silent as Randy tributed to Davis with the story of his quintessential song “A Weekend in New England” (as recorded by Barry Manilow), a song that made musical history forever, while the rocky beaches of New England’s shore road the wave of success. 

From there Randy debuted at the iconic “Ice Palace” on Cherry Grove in Fire Island New York where artists including Lady Gaga, Alan Cumming, Liza Minnelli, Carol Channing, Margaret Cho, and many others have shared the stage before him. He performed under a purple triangle on a white Baby Grand piano while a raging storm darkened the terrain shrouded in black thunderheads with the distant lightning glowing mutely in the distance and the monstrous waves covering the dock like a wild tsunami. 

Ultimately it was onward to Boston where Randy was to be honored by his induction into the New England Music Hall of Fame for his contributions as a music pioneer, producer, songwriter, composer, and historical trailblazer. The mission of the NEMHOF is to “unite, educate, influence, promote and preserve the integrity of New England’s music, and the people who represent it.” Randy accepted his tribute and performed on the stage of the Regent Theater as one of the honorees. He also showcased his talent on the stages of the “Firehouse Center for the Performing Arts”, and the “Boston City Winery” where he touched the heart of a young Berkeley student with such human emotion and sensitivity that she exploded into relentless tears after the show…

This November Randy became the only American Composer invited as the sole representative in Washington DC to a private Congressional Creative Caucus in celebration of the film “Gettysburg” and Edelman’s musical score which was most recently used in a dazzling streak of scorching intensity in the NASA documentary “Dare Mighty Things.” The focus this past November on these discussions were centered around both copyright and piracy issues relating to artists in many diverse areas of entertainment. 

Aside from tours, a montage of performances, awards and special assignments Randy also released what would become one of the most important and poignant songs in the history of humanity. Two versions were released, one featuring Grandmaster Melle Mel in celebration of the 50 year anniversary of Hip Hop, and the other re-released along with an album of the same name “Everything is Possible.” At the crux of what could actually become a segue to WW lll, world leaders and global citizens are urged to hear and take heed to the words by award winning composer Randy Edelman and to keep in mind that no matter how bad things can get…  “Everything Is Possible”, a song of hope for the underdog, (just re-released on Tribeca Records).The song was written by Randy some years ago but in light of the world’s raging climate no song has ever been more relevant, more insightful  or more important.

One might ask, does Music have the power to change the world? Well in this instance it has to. Music has the power to alter one’s mood, change perceptions, and inspire change. It is an essential aspect of all human civilizations, and has the impact to emotionally, morally and culturally affect societies, and is especially crucial in times of conflict when other lines of communication prove to be challenging. An essential example of how music influences society and human behavior is the impact of the freedom song of the civil rights movement such as “We Shall Overcome”, which broke the barriers, educated people, and had a hand in ending segregation. Songs have the power to change the world in unexpected ways by challenging preconceived notions, and shedding light on issues that have historically been ignored. “Everything Is Possible” holds the key to such change.

Just after 6:00 am as the dawn sky broke into a light blue and the headliner DJ took the stage, an air raid siren cut through the ether. Rockets streamed overhead capturing a night that was to be a getaway for thousands of young women and men gathered near the Gaza border to dance without a care. The attack on the open air Tribe of Nova Music Festival is believed to be the worst civilian massacre in Israel’s history with at least 260 dead, and an undetermined amount of hostages taken.

While Israel is leaning up against Heaven, and at war, Randy Edelman is singing his profound lyrics “Even angels seemed to block your way.” A true tribute to the outlander, the dark horse, the weaker party, the scapegoat, the victim ….however, “Everything is Possible” is proof that they too can and will succeed and survive. The song can be heard on Kiss FM in Washington DC, Z100 in NY, Hot 97 in Chicago and LA and on NPR Radio all over the country. 

His recent upcoming film scores include Dutch Director Ate De Jong’s Nashville saga “Heart Strings”, the family holiday caper “Athena Saves Christmas”, the exorcism horror themed “The Possession of Anne”, and the documentary “Too Hot to Handle.” 

After several more NY performances at Chelsea and the famous “Cutting Room” covering both Halloween and Christmas, and after appearing as a guest on several Urban radio stations, The Violators and The Instant Classic (being responsible for the huge hip hop hit “My Place” recorded by Nelly), he was summoned back to London with open arms but not before his performance of his “heavenly” version of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” which impacted the audience like nothing else ever could.

Before reaching the UK Randy also received  a Lifetime Achievement Award as a composer from “Get Out Magazine” (7th biggest LGBTQ publication on the planet). He shared the honors with songwriter Desmond Child (writer of hits for Bon Jovi, KISS, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Barbra Streisand, and others), Elvis Duran (Z100), Michael Musto (critic, author, TV personality), and Madonna.

Once back in London Randy appeared as special featured guest on “Live on BBC Radio London on December 17, on the “Kath Melandri, Sunday Afternoon Show.” The station serves Greater London and is broadcasted on FM 94.9 with a weekly audience of 603,000. Following that Randy performed live once again at ‘The Crazy Coqs” ending the year triumphantly.

About Randy Edelman

A musical heterodox at times, an anomaly always…. Randy speaks in all genres known to man and some not yet invented …..he can draft an image with a rhythm or a tempo and set it before the congregation in three dimensional charm, transporting the listener to an achromatic gray American Civil War battlefield, or the dripping trees, rotting vegetation, and  murky olive green waters of a swamp in the deep dark south. The quantum physicist of the film world, Edelman has themed the soundtracks for over a hundred motion pictures and television shows.

The official website for Randy Edelman may be found at

Photo Credits: Billy Hess & Jeff Smith


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