Citizens Kitchen & Bar – 24 Hours of Flavor

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Citizens Kitchen & Bar in the heart of Mandalay Bay seems like it has just become the restaurant that is always nearby, but their kitchen is always open for you. Citizens is that perfect restaurant that has a dish for every hour of the day and every occasion and they do it all 24 hours a day.

Chili Cheese Skillet

Whether you are having a late night that runs into sunrise or you need to get an early start, breakfast at Citizens is the perfect way to end or start your day. If you are looking for that very indulgent Las Vegas dish, it is the chili & cheese skillet. The name gives you an idea what you are in store for but the Kobe sirloin smothered in a chili and cheddar cheese sauce on a bed of crispy breakfast potatoes and then topped with poached eggs takes the concept of chili cheese fries to a whole new level. Breakfast is truly creative at Citizens as you can also find a crab cake Benedict that is built around some wonderfully prepared Maryland crab cakes. The creme brulee French toast, a little bit of breakfast combined with a little bit of dessert and a rich and flavorful orange whipped cream. Finally the Greek will surprise you as they manage to bring all of the flavors of Greece,feta, spinach, kalamata olive and artichokes into one giant and tasty omelette. If you are looking to grab something quickly, Citizens has an incredible bakery with a great assortment of fresh pastries.

Crab Cake Benedict

Citizens has done an amazing job complimenting their menu with a wide range of draft beer that is unique and will have a beer for you no matter what style you like. They currently have beers from Lagunitas, Rogue and Fat Tire and then venture to some more obscure breweries such as: Odell’s and Pilsner Urquell. If you prefer a cocktail, Citizens has some very creative drinks to choose from including perfect made for Las Vegas Citizens Collins. The combination of Skyy Strawberry Vodka, Watermelon Puree, Basil and Lemon make this the perfect drink after coming in from the Vegas heat and it still packs a punch. The one drink you really must try is the Ultimate Mary, part cocktail and part dinner and all spectacular. This Bloody Mary will turn heads and the House-made Bloody Mary Mix paired with Tito’s Vodka will wow you with flavor and then you can make your way through the shrimp, crab leg and beef jerky. This is really a meal in a glass.

Ultimate Mary

Located right by LIGHT Nightclub, Citizens is a popular late night stop if you want to grab a dish or two to share with friends. You can choose from artichoke dip, a variety of pizzas or the ultimate Nachos. Whether it is late at night or the middle of the day, Citizens has the perfect view of all that is going on in the hub of Mandalay Bay as you are dining. It makes for people at its finest. The rest of the day the menu is equally creative and flavorful as you will find dishes such as: spicy gumbo, lasagna, bbq ribs, pastrami and beer braised bratwurst. The menu just seems to go on and on.

Creme Brulee French Toast

Citizens Kitchen & Bar has managed to not only stay open 24 hours a day, but they also have perfected a kitchen that makes food at an amazingly high standard regardless of when you come in. The next time you are walking through Mandalay Bay and Citizens catches your eye, treat yourself to an amazing experience anytime of the day or night.


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