Love Interrupted Film Review – Short Thriller

Love Interrupted
Love Interrupted still image, Courtesy of 42 Films
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Love Interrupted Film Poster
Love Interrupted, Courtesy of Absinthe Productions

Synopsis: A love sick young man, in the grips of a mental breakdown, falls in love with a girl who is too good to be true. [Courtesy 42 Films]

Watching a love-sick [pun intended] Dillon (Cameron Denny) face an all-encompassing hopelessness is the sort of experience that transcends the art of filmmaking and feels like the distilled essence of the darkness of humanity.  Love Interrupted tells the story of a man, Dillon, who is traumatized when his girlfriend leaves him.  A psychologist tries to psychoanalyze Dillon and perpetuates the mounting frustration of his mental illness, leaving you feeling purposely unnerved by the end. Continued below….

Denny, who also directed and wrote the script, shared his motivation, “the aspect of addiction and mental illness were essential components of the story because they are the seeds of Dillon’s dysfunction. These themes are important to me, and I want to shed light on them creatively and truthfully.”

Cinematographer and editor, Natalie Bible’, stylistically creates a bold impact and visceral experience through beautiful shots and harrowing, yet edgy, effects encompassing Dillon’s struggle. Bible’s work has screen in over 80 film festivals across the globe and have won over 30 awards including the Grand Jury Prize for Best Feature Film at the 2017 Nice International Film Festival.

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